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FORMULATE Fusion 20X20 Tension Fabric Island Kit 08


FORMULATE Fusion 20×20 tension fabric island Kit 08 with semi-private conference room and back lit graphic accents. Includes reception counter.

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Tension Fabric Island Exhibit Booth

  • printed fabric graphics
  • G7 Certified printing
  • printed in the USA
  • main, backlit arch structure is 15’8″ tall and spans 27’3″
  • (2) oval shaped accents mounted on the sides
  • (2) illuminated accent displays placed on the inside archways anchors with (3) double-sided squares
  • (1) semi-private fabric conference room
  • (1) oval counter
  • (1) wood crate
  • (2) cases

Dimensions of exhibit elements:

  • arch – 27’3″W x 15’8″H
  • structural illuminated accents are 42″W x 105″H and feature three 29.5″ illuminated squares each

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240"W x 188"H x 240"D


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