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Outdoor Accessories

Add to your outdoor display with additional accessories.

  • Atlas Outdoor Sign Holder

    The Atlas Outdoor Sign Holder is designed to hold rigid signs or Zoom flags. Easy to setup and store. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Flag Bases

    Get more out of your Zoom Flex Flag with additional base options.

  • Ground Stakes for GrandFabric Outdoor

    A set of four stakes for the Outdoor GrandFabric Display will add additional support for the outdoor back wall.

  • Zoom Tent Flag Accessory Clamp

    Increase tent visibility with the The Zoom Tent Flag Accessory hardware easily attaches to any upright pole of the standard Zoom Display Tent.

  • Zoom Tent LED Light Kit

    Magnetic Zoom tend LED lights for 5′, 10′ and 20′ tents. Great to illuminate your outdoor tents in the evenings.

  • Nylon Bag for GrandFabric

    Nylon bag for Expand’s GrandFabric Display.

  • Outdoor Water Tank for GrandFabric Outdoor

    Water tank for GrandFabric Outdoor Display Back wall. Two water tanks add additional weight for support of the outdoor back wall.

  • Steel Weights for Zoom Tents

    Weighted Feet for Zoom Tents

    Weighted base plates for the Zoom outdoor tents.

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