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Templates, Templates, Templates

Artwork Pro Tip #1:

How to save time and money in the first step of artwork design and layout with artwork templates.

A high degree all of the “finished” artwork we receive is incomplete. This results in many rounds of revisions, stress, and delays.

Art files can have everything right, but be a total loss of time because it was produced at the wrong size.

Start with the template. And trust the guidelines and details provided in the template.

You’ll have everything you need, overall size, bleeds, trim size, and the “live” or “visual” area of the graphic.

These also have a layer for design within the template.

All of our stock trade show exhibit products have templates and are available upon request or when you place an order.

They are in the preferred Adobe Illustrator format and/or saved as layered PDFs that can be opened in Illustrator.

Lay out your artwork within the template guidelines and restraints and avoid aggravating revisions.