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Create Print Ready Display Graphics

Ready, Set, Print. Create print ready display graphics. Getting your graphics right the first time will eliminate headaches and help you avoid costly mistakes. One Know what your creating. A brochure is not a banner stand. And a banner stand

Image Libraries and Resources

Royalty Free Image Resource Libraries. If It’s Worth A Thousand Words, The Your Image Matters. Royalty free image resource libraries are and affordable resource for your images and illustrations. Image Types Original photography Hand illustrations Computer illustrations Royalty-free stock images

Avoid Ugly Exhibit Graphics

Garbage In, Garbage Out. Some tips and guidelines to help you avoid ugly exhibit graphics when you start your design work. Image Dos Digital Camera’s – Use high-end digital cameras that capture at least 20 megabytes of data Be sure

Before We Print Your Artwork

Saving your art files doesn’t mean they are ready to print. If you supply “print-ready” artwork the artwork is to size or scale includes all elements is the correct resolution and format, see artwork guidelines has specified Pantone colors (if

Artwork Tips and Guidelines

Artwork Tips and Guidelines Get your art files “print-ready” with these artwork tips and guidelines for your trade show exhibit graphics. Print Ready Files You’ve done all the preparation, i.e. sized, cropped, designed, etc. We simply process and print your

Ten Tips for Effective Exhibit Design

Common Sense Rules for Effective Exhibit Design Keep it simple Make it big Make it colorful Minimize words Maximize pictures Use lots of light Make it move, if you can Use sound, if it makes sense Make it as tall