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Printed Single-Sided Folding Acoustical Felt Panels


Printed single-sided sound absorbing, folding acoustical felt panels. In three stock sizes.


Fabric Side Two *

Alloy (Pantone Cool Gray 8C) Amber (Pantone 165C) Amethsyst (Pantone 512C) Arctic (Pantone 299C) Coal (Pantone Cool Gray 11C) Crystal (White) Garnet (Pantone 186C) Hibiscus (Pantone 211C) Oil (Pantone 4625C) Onyx (Black) Pebble (Pantone 445C) Pumice (Pantone 4022C) Sandstone (Pantone 4243C) Sapphire (Pantone 288C) Seaweed (Pantone 2300C) Silt (Pantone 1255C) Slate (Pantone 431C)
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Printed One Side, Folding Acoustical Felt Panels in Three Sizes

Immerse™ sound absorbing folding rigid felt panels.

  • 9mm thick
  • perfect for home or corporate offices
  • environmentally sustainable material
  • minimum 50% blend post-consumer waste sourced from PET bottles
  • reduces excess noise in the mid-to-high frequency range
  • 15 stock colors
  • three stock sizes
  • printed on one side
Weight N/A




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